We take a walk to Els Muntells

Els Muntells is one of the best places from which to explore the Ebro Delta. The “piles” of sand that used to cover these lands give name to this small town located a little less than four kilometres from the beach. A long main street, Carrer Major, where all the shops, restaurants and services are located, is the centre. In the middle is the parish church of Sant Llorenç, which dates back to the 1950s, and the Town Hall, which has been in power since 1980, when the town was established as a decentralised municipal entity. This fact is celebrated with a party on the weekend closest to 16th February. The Festa Major in honour of Sant Llorenç takes place from 8th to 15th August with bulls, great dances, popular meals and lots of activities.

Where the village of Muntells is located today, not much more than one hundred years ago it was a salty land, surrounded by marshes that gradually turned its inhabitants into arable land and a pleasant place to live. The hut (barraca) was the traditional dwelling and there were many in the surroundings of Els Muntells. Today, there are hardly any left, some of them small, for the hunting season, and others recently created for summer or for rural accommodation. In the carrer Major we can see the Barraca de Conxita del Delta, called the “Governor’s”, which was built at the end of the 1970s using traditional techniques and customs.

The village, with about 500 inhabitants, has all kinds of services: the Ida Machino restaurant with delta cuisine; the Cherta-Gisbert bakery where you can buy traditional sweets and rice bread; accommodation, and a parking area for caravans.

Route to the Platjola lagoon

La Platjola lagoon is about three kilometres from Els Muntells, in the direction of the beach. With its almond shape, it is one of the shelters for the birds of the delta. Nearby is the beach of Eucaliptus, which belongs to the municipality of Amposta, and to the north is the large beach of Serrallo. A good option is to rent a bicycle from the company 4Camins which is located in Els Muntells and reach the Platjola by pedalling.

La Platjola Sant Jaume d'Enveja