Festes Majors

Festivals in Sant Jaume

Sant Jaume is a town of festivals and traditions. Apart from important days such as the Festa Major, the parade of the Three Kings, Carnival – with a parade of floats and costumes – or Sant Antoni, where a large number of horses gather, there are local festivals that have a special echo in the town’s calendar and are linked to rural tradition such as the festivals of La Plantada and La Sega.

Local Festival

Festes Sant Jaume

During the week Sant Jaume, in the month of July, the town is in party. A lot of animation, people in the streets, with parades, traditional games, popular meals, floats and dances. A bullring is set up on the outskirts, although you can also see the bulls running through the main streets of the town.

The city’s other major festival is the Segregation Festival, which coincides with the festival of Sant Joan and is held to commemorate the segregation of the city of Tortosa in 1978 with dances, bulls and popular meals.

From the plantation to the harvest

Festa de la Plantada

With the arrival of the “plantadors”, this great spring festival begins to bid farewell to winter and welcome the good weather. It is the time to plant the rice, a festival that is celebrated in all the villages of Delta and that has become a long-awaited moment for years. In Sant Jaume, both the Planting and the Sega Festivals are held at the Interactive Rice Field on the banks of the river.

On Plantada day many parallel events are organised, such as a rowing exhibition and workshops on jotas, the traditional music of these lands. Stalls are set up with traditional products that turn the river bank into an attractive market.

The rice cycle ends with the harvest. At the end of September the Delta boils with activity, the roads are filled with tractors and the birds go after them looking for food. Throughout the morning, jotas are sung and traditional foods are sampled.

Somriu, the anniversary of Lo Passador

Somriu Sant Jaume d'Enveja

The Lo Passador bridge is a fundamental element in the life of the village. It was inaugurated in 2010 and to commemorate it, every year since then, this festival is celebrated during a weekend that brings together a lot of activities and a market.