The interactive rice field, a unique experience

Can you imagine stepping on the mud in the rice field? Smelling the rice? Looking closely at the ripe ear of corn? Now it is possible to experience those sensations by entering the interactive rice field of Sant Jaume. On the river walk.

Many people when they arrive in the Ebro Delta are curious to experience the sensation of stepping into a rice field, feeling the soft mud between their toes, keeping their balance while walking through the water surrounded by the green ears of this cereal so appreciated in Delta cuisine.

That is why, several years ago, in Sant Jaume it was decided to carry out this experience. In a very nice place near the village, a small rice field was set up, which can be entered through a wooden walkway. In this way you can also see the changes in colour and appearance of the rice during its entire cycle, from the planting to the harvesting.

It is precisely in this rice field that the Festa de la Plantada takes place, when the planters arrive with the sheaves and painstakingly introduce them into the mud. A few months later, the Festa de la Sega will take place and the ripe rice will be mowed with the sickle.

The entrance to the rice field is free