The Delta by bike

The Ebro Delta is an ideal territory for bicycles, totally flat, with little traffic and with infinite corners that can only be reached on foot or on two wheels. Here you have some proposals to enjoy this great territory.

  • The signposted path that runs along the river bank and leads from the town of Amposta to the island of Buda is very interesting. From Amposta to Migjorn there are 27 kilometres that run along a path exclusively for pedestrians and bicycles, only at the end of the journey we will find a section of shared road. On the way you can stop at the riverside forest of Sant Jaume, the best preserved of all the final stretch of the river. From there it is easy to imagine what this place was like a hundred years ago.
  • On the bank of the river of Deltebre there is also a beautiful river walk, which can be reached by crossing the Lo Passador bridge. Perfect for enjoying it by bike.
  • Another good recommendation is to ride along the path that marks the perimeter of the Encanyissada lagoon, which is about 15 kilometres long. This is one of the star routes for cycling in the Ebro Delta. It takes about two hours and along the way you will find several lookout towers. At the start and end of the route there is a large hut where you can buy local products, a restaurant and the viewpoint of the Encanyissada with magnificent views of the lagoon and the Montsià.
  • Another of the recommended trails is the one that goes to the Tancada lagoon. There you can visit one of the interpretation and documentation centres of the Delta. MónNatura Delta belongs to the Fundació Territori i Paisatge and is located in the old Trinidad salt flats. The visit allows you to learn more about the formation and development of this territory, as well as its endemic fauna and flora.
  • The route through the mouth of the northern hemidelta shows the Garxal and stops at the Zigurat viewpoint, a very accessible route that allows you to see the impressive dunes of Riumar.


The Delta by bike

Sant Jaume Els Muntells Eucaliptus

The so-called Route 10 goes from the village of Sant Jaume d’Enveja to the Eucaliptus beach and allows you to discover some of the best landscapes of the Ebro Delta by bike. In almost 20 kilometres you will cross riverside forests, paths between rice fields, you will ride along the Camí de Sirga, you will visit villages such as Els Muntells and you will reach the beach. And all this with a 0 level difference and the minimum difficulty.

Route 10 is circular and can be done in a couple of hours. The starting point is the bridge Lo Passador, to Sant Jaume, where we will take the Camí de Sirga that comes out on our right, that is to say we will have the river on our left. Shortly after starting the route we will find the interactive rice field where if you feel like it you can go in and step on the mud and discover a sensation that is unusual outside this region.

A little further on you have to turn right and enter Sant Jaume until you find a big traditional hut on the right. There you will find the Interpretation Centre of the Huts (Barraques), a very advisable visit to know how people lived not even one century ago in the Ebro Delta.

And now, we leave Sant Jaume behind and cross the channel to continue in the direction of Els Muntells. Once there we cross the town and without leaving the Carrer Major we arrive at the Eucaliptus urbanization and the beach.

We go back again towards Els Muntells and before arriving there is a road on the right hand side ( Camí del Matà ) that leads to the road from Sant Jaume to Buda in a distance of about 4 kilometres. We cross the channel and link up with the Camí de Sirga to return to Sant Jaume.


Download route 10 in PDF

Cycling along the river promenade

On the Camí de Sirga by bicycle

This itinerary, ideal for cycling, follows the old Camí de Sirga from Sant Jaume to the island of Buda. During the route we will be able to observe a very well conserved riverside forest and large extensions of rice fields and contemplate the abundant colony of birds that inhabit the Delta.

The route begins at the Sant Jaume pier and continues down the Ebro along the river walk. The first section that reaches the end of the village is asphalted. Once there, a dirt track begins, delimited by wooden fences. This path runs parallel to the river, although you cannot see it for most of the way.

This itinerary of about 14 kilometres has as an unavoidable stop the Migjorn viewpoint, which offers the possibility of observing the island of Buda and the infinity of birds that congregate there and, with a little luck, the horses of the Camargue. In summer it is essential to swim in Migjorn beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Delta, and enjoy the Budamar beach bar.



Recommendations for the routes

Helmet must be worn
Water and food
Sun cream
Mosquito repellent